Debra Teare

Debra Teare was born in 1955 and raised in Logan, Utah where she studied fine art at Utah State University. Upon completing her studies, Tear moved to New York. After a hiatus from her previous interest in highly detailed charcoal drawing, Teare tackled the extremely difficult subject of trompe l’oeil painting. Her trompe l'oeil work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States. She is a charter member of the International Guild of Realism as well as a member of Allied Artists of America.

Her work is currently included in the traveling exhibit “Trompe l’Oeil: The Art of Illusion”, a collection of sixty-five works by thirteen of America’s leading trompe l’oeil artists. This show runs through 2007 and is being shown in eleven Museums in the U. S. Debra is featured in the January, 2006, issue of American Art Collector. In 1994, Teare left New York for the idylic valleys of the Rocky Mountains and now lives in Providence, Utah with her husband and daughter.

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